Waves of Grace

Waves of Grace


5 Star Reviews!

“Her use of the English language is exquisite.”

“The journey through life is filled with joy and crisis, and in this collection of raw and touching poetry, Waves of Grace by Anna Grace, we examine the many obstacles we must overcome. The complexities of dealing with our emotions in relationships with others, while trying to figure out who we are, can be challenging. How can we discover our true self with so much influence from the media and outside influencers who dictate who we should be, the pressure to conform and fit inside our designated box? From relationships, grief, death, birth, and love, human behavior can differ greatly in times of joy and trauma. The emotions are real and the message is powerful. In a society where winning is the only goal and sensitivity is perceived as a weakness, this collection will encourage you to unlock your true potential and live your life truthfully and with joy in your heart. 

In Waves of Grace by Anna Grace, this eloquent collection of poetry epitomizes the pain and inner struggle we all face throughout life. The complexities of relationships - passionate, destructive, and lost - are all depicted brilliantly. There are also thought-provoking poems that inspire everyone to live life authentically in the face of judgment from others. The pain and sadness of losing someone to illness, especially cancer, were particularly poignant for me, as the emotions were so true to life. The author is so accurate at depicting human behavior and the emotions we feel at certain times in our lives. Her use of the English language is exquisite. I especially enjoyed Friday, Life, Fine and Story. The final poem Fly was my absolute favorite, dealing with a destructive relationship through the eyes of their child.“~ Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

“Anna Grace taps into emotion with a series that allows a reader to feel and connect, ...”

“Waves of Grace by Anna Grace is a compilation of seventy-five pieces of poetry that focuses on the personal aspects of being human and the full range of emotions, feelings, and experiences. The poems are all in free verse, with stanzas frequently formatted in concrete poetry with varied shapes that punctuate lines and provide emphasis. An example of this is in the poem John Wayne, where the poem is formatted in a series of loose but connected quadrilateral shapes, culminating its stanzas with the power of a single word. Several poems are narrative in style, such as Katie, an ode to a companion who was a source of support during chemotherapy. Lastly, Grace imparts sprinklings of work written as epigrams with dynamic punches of short, often single sentence wordcraft.

Waves of Grace is really a beautiful compilation. Anna Grace taps into emotion with a series that allows a reader to feel and connect, often through poems that I would not have anticipated to evoke such a response at first glance. I found myself going back to the poem Mag, a simple six-line piece that rebuffs the oft well-intended but counterproductive “get over it” while a person is grieving and acknowledges the reality that some of us will struggle to move beyond...and that's okay. Poetry is deeply personal and because of this, it is often difficult to review. That is not the case here as Grace has crafted a book with something that will resonate with any reader on the journey of self-discovery, or even just those who are looking for something new to get lost in.” ~ Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite
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